ICOC 2020 Vision video's

2020 Vision - The Caribbean

2020 Vision - Southern Africa Churches of Christ

2020 Vision Video for the Southeast USA Churches

2020 Vision: Indian Subcontinent

Exciting 2020 vision from the Indian Subcontinent!

Asia Pacific 20/20 Vision

NEW ENGLAND USA Releases their 2020 Vision Video

Inspiring plans to advance the gospel in New England

USA: Heartland Churches 2020 Vision Video

Our Heartland Churches posted this video as they are looking ahead with vision to 2020...

Canada's 2020 Vision Video

English Speaking West Africa Presents its 2020 Vision

Courageous plans from English-Speaking West Africa for the coming decade...

MIDWEST USA: Their 2020 Vision and Video is Inspiring!

A powerfully inspirational video about the Mid West USA's goals and dreams for the decade...