Proverbs 25:25 Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.

From Airline Pilot to Preacher

From a Heart Attack to Cancer. A survivor's story

Christian Ray Flores: Moz HOPE

A new mission: Looking after widows - One sister's story from Zimbabwe, southern Africa

Toko Muodzi, a sister from Harare, Zimbabwe, in the southern region of Africa, was happily married for 20 years, then she became a widow. Now she’s found a new mission in life: helping and encouraging the widows in her city.

She shares the journey in faith that brought her to this point:

"I was baptised as a single mother of one in 1991. God blessed me with a husband, Kizito in 1996 and we had three children together.

We served in various ministries in the church over the years. In January 2015, my husband decided to fast for 40 days for God to increase his faith in all areas of his life.

I was there

The Renton Story

News from the Southern Africa Island of Mauritius

Church service in Mauritius

New Song written by disciples: Southern Africa Youth Camp

New England churches and church plantings

Christian Professional Conference


New Resource: The Healing of a Wounded Idealist Sermon Series

Following on from the book "Healing of a Wounded Idealist" is a four part sermon series. The book by Justin & Irene Renton has gotten some pretty decent reviews at Amazon like:

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Prayers Needed: Cape Town in danger of running out of water

Please be praying for our brothers and sisters in Cape Town, we have a wonderful church of about 280 disciples there who would really appreciate the worldwide prayers of all the saints. The situation is REALLY bad and it would be the first major city ever to run out of water!


From TIME Magazine:

A 3rd helping of 10 Bible Talks for Every Occassion

With topics such as:

  • Dealing with Disappointment
  • Changing your Picture of Jesus
  • Keys to being a better Listener
  • Dysfunctional Parenting Traps
CLICK HERE for more


ACR Region 2020 Vision

Helping Sutherland Springs

NEW! Youth & Family Ministry Resources EVERY MONTH

Beth and I are excited to announce that a large-scale project we have been working on is now ready! We are officially launching a monthly subscription service for youth and family ministries at

HOPEww Early Childhood Development Programs

Blast from the past: "Last Call"

Blast from the past: "The Prodigal Daughter"

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