Proverbs 25:25 "Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land."

2020 Vision Update: Southern Africa Family of Churches

Ministry Training Academy - Johannesburg, South Africa

The Ministry Training Academy of Johannesburg was first started by Justin Renton and Dave Pocta back in 2011. It follows the 12 course curriculum outlined by the Teachers Service Team and draws students from accoss the 12 countries of Southern Africa.



A true hero in the faith passed away Sunday evening.  Onyechi Oguagha, along with his wife Deysi, was a missionary and church leader in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, and Brooklyn, New York.  His life and ministry impacted tens of thousands of disciples.  He passed away after a long battle with cancer.  He will be tremendously missed.




Join the 2018 Biblical Study Tour in Israel!


There's a lot of talk about doing what Jesus would do...but how about walking where Jesus walked?  Douglas Jacoby would like to invite you to join the 2018 annual Biblical Study Tour, as it returns to Israel.  You've thought about these locations for years; now's your chance to experience them!  Early payment discount is available.

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Culture, Race & Kingdom

Healing of a Wounded Idealist - now available in paperback at Amazon

As leaders in the ICOC for the past 25 years and having navigated the ups and downs of our church's history, we have been very encouraged to see the growth and progress of many Christians in the maturing of their faith.

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The Healing of a Wounded Idealist

Justin & Irene Renton's new book "The Healing of a Wounded Idealist" launches in one week. To find out more click below:

30th Anniversary of Upside Down will be Celebrated with Free Release!


August 8th is the 30 year anniversary of the first production of "Upside Down". On that day we are going to make our show available, for free, to everyone in the world. 

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Building Parent & Teen Communication

As church leaders and youth & family leaders, one of the most important things we can do for our families is to help them with their communication at home. As kids grow up, communicating with them at a heart level can become challenging. Communication is vital to a healthy relationship. We need to make sure that we are talking through important issues and guiding our children through the turbulent waters of young adulthood.

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Building a Youth & Family Ministry

REACH 2017 Johannesburg

The Soweto Region of the Jo'burg church recently hosted the 2017 REACh Southern Africa Conference. Here are some highlights of the Sunday Worship.


Music Highlights from REACH Conference

Preparing for the One Year Challenge

DT Heart & Soul - Personality Profile

A 3rd helping of 10 Bible Talks for Every Occassion

Having sold nearly a thousand copies of the first two booklets in this series, now comes the 3rd installment. With topics such as:


  • Dealing with Disappointment
  • Changing your Picture of Jesus
  • Keys to being an Effective Listener
  • Dysfunction is the gift that keeps on giving in Parenting
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