Proverbs 25:25 "Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land."

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2015 Campus Corp

July 7- August 10, 2015


ENTRY 223: NOV 17-20 Instead of “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, how about “The Bad, The Ugly, The Amazingly Good, and The Miraculous”?

In this very long entry about Gethsemene, The Tomb, The Resurrection and The Ascension/ Final Instructions, good for FOUR days reading, we will cover topics such as PRAYER, SORROW, BETRAYAL, DETERMINATION, FORGIVENESS, SURRENDER, NEW BEGINNINGS, COUNTING THE COST, the MIRACLE OF THE RESURRECTION, THE GREAT COMMISSION, the SINGAPORE CHURCH MISSION STATEMENT, and TRUSTING THE LEADERSHIP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, taken from Matt 26:36-75; Matt 27; Mark 14:32-72; Mark 15; Luke 22:40-71; Luke 23; John 18-19, then Matt 28:2-4; Mark 16:1-7; Luke 24:4-8; Mark 16:8; John 20:2-10; Mark 16:9; John 20:11-17; Matt 28:8-15; Luke 24:9-11; Luke 24:13-35; John 20:19; Luke 24:36-44; John

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ENTRY 222: NOV 15-16 Final Week Wednesday Various Gospel Passages

This entry, which covers TWO days of reading, examines the last few hours of Jesus’ life before He was arrested, and looks at lessons like LOVE, SERVING, MERCY GRACE, THE HOLY SPIRIT, OBEDIENCE and PEACE, including a theory that JESUS may have been CRUCIFIED ON THURSDAY, NOT FRIDAY; from Luke 21:37-38; John 12:37-50; Luke 22:7-30; John 13:1-21; Matt 26:22-25; John 13:22-35; Luke 22:31-34; John 13:36-38; John 14; Luke 22:35-38; Matt 26:30; John 14:31b; Matt 26:31-35; John 15-17.


Kigali, Rwanda: Fifteen Sisters Multiply to Forty-five

     See the photo to the left?  In one year, the faith of fifteen hard working sisters in Kigali, Rwanda led to the conversion of 30 friends. Wow, praise God!

ENTRY 221: NOV 11-14 The Monday & Tuesday of Jesus’ Final Week, Various Gospel Passages

This entry covers FOUR days of reading and topics such as FAITH, SURRENDER, HUMILITY, TRUE RELIGION, HYPOCRISY, WATCHFULNESS, and COMPASSION; from Mark 11:12-18; Luke 19:47-48; Matt 21:14-16; John 12:20-36; Matt 21:20-22; Mark 11:19-33; Matt 21:28-32; Mark 12:1-9; Luke 20:9-16; Matt 21:42-46; Matt 22:1-22; Luke 20:20-26; Matt 22:23-33; Mark 12:28-34; Matt 22:41-46; Mark 12:35-37; Matt 23; Mark 12:41-44; Mark 13:1-2; Matt 24:3; Mark 13:3-4; Matt 24:4-35; Mark 13:5-31; Luke 21:8-33; Matt 24:36-51; Mark 13:34-37; Luke 21:34-36; Matt 25, Matt 26:1-5; Matt 26:14-16; Luke 22:3-6.

ENTRY 220: NOV 9-10 Lazarus & The Triumphant Entry Various Gospel Passages

This entry covers TWO days of reading and topics such as DISAPPOINTMENT IN GOD, JESUS’ LOVE, REAL CHANGE, and HUMILITY; you’ll be reading John 11; Matt 19:3-12; Mark 10:13-27; Matt 19:27-30; Mark 10:32-34; Luke 18:31-34; Matt 20:20-23; Mark 10:35-45; Luke 19:1-10; Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43; Luke 19:11-28; John 11:55-57; Matt 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; John 12:1-13; Matt 21:1-7; Mark 11:1-7; Luke 19:29-35; John 12:14-16; Mark 11:8-10; Luke 19:36-44; Matt 21:10-11; John 12:17-19; Mark 11:11.

New Content at Life Changing Worship

     "Life Changing is a website filled with videos, song tutorials, video lessons, articles, "Songs of the Kingdom" resources, and more designed for worship leaders and worship participants alike.  Check out the latest offerings from some very talented brothers: Jerry Maday (Worcester, Mass), Malcolm Cox (Great Britain), and Dave Eastman (Chicago, IL).  Click on the "What's New" tab on the home page.

ENTRY 219: NOV 6-8 The Province Of Perea Luke 13:22-35; Luke 14-16; Luke 17:20-35; Luke 17:37; Luke 18:1-14; Matt 20

This entry is good for THREE days of reading and covers the topics of COMMITMENT, HUMILITY, DISCIPLESHIP, GRACE, HYPOCRISY, GREED, MONEY, LOVE, JUDGMENT, PRAYER, Anti-TRADITION, SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, and MERCY (kinda covers everything doesn’t it?!)  

HOPE worldwide Rated ‘Exceptional’ Among U.S. Charities

HOPE worldwide is happy to share some exciting news from Ken Berger, President and CEO of Charity Navigator, America’s premier charity evaluator:  Based on the most recent information available, we have issued a new rating for your organization.

HOPE worldwide Announces 2015 Volunteer Opportunities

What’s on your wish list for this Christmas?  How about a volunteer trip for 2015?  Go and serve at one of our many exciting locations around the world.  Start saving, fund-raising, and planning now.

ENTRY 218: NOV 5 To Galilee & Jerusalem Various gospel passages

This entry covers topics such as GRATITUDE, FAITH, WHAT IS TRULY IMPORTANT, PEACE, LOVING OTHERS, GETTING DISTRACTED, and PRAYER from Luke 9:51-56; Luke 17:11-19; Luke 10:1-24; Matt 11:28-30; Luke 10:25-42; Luke 11:1-13; John 10:22-42.

Faith & Doubt: New Sermon Resource

This Sermon Series explores the issues of the tension between faith & doubt. Is doubt always bad? How do we move from doubt to faith? What causes us to lose faith?

Part 1 - The Gift of Uncertainty

Part 2 - The Problem of Pain

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