Proverbs 25:25 "Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land."

Audio from Singapore ILC Now Online

Audio from the Singapore Intl' Leadership conference is now available online...

  Weren't able to make it to Singapore for the 2014 International Leadership Conference? You can still get inspired by watching and listening to all of the sermons here! Over 2,500 disciples from 66 countries attended the ILC, which was the first ICOC international leadership conference in Asia since 1994.

Volunteer In India This Christmas

Two weeks left until registration closes! Apply now and don't miss out on an unforgettable Christmas in India serving people in the slums of New Delhi, leprosy patients in Delhi or Chennai, tsunami victims outside Chennai, orphans and school children in North or South India. 

ENTRY 204: Sept 11 THE END OF THE OLD TESTAMENT RECORD 1 Chronicles 1-9:34

Before I talk about this entry, which is the last entry for the Old Testament, I would like to comment on the date: this entry is for Sept 11. Many of us reading Hot News will remember Sept 11 with heavy hearts, even 13 years on. Thank you to Hot News for making a memorial video this year. If you are able, please watch this wonderful tribute to the victims, to those who gave their lives for others on that sad day, and to God. 


ENTRY 203: Sept 9-10 Job Meets God Scenes Three & Four Job 32-42

Over the past three entries, we have seen how Job suffered horribly, and we have seen his friends try to convince him that his suffering was caused by some unconfessed sin. In today’s entry, which covers two days of reading, we close out our time with Job, as we look at RESPECTING OUR ELDERS, SENSITIVITY, THE MAJESTY OF GOD, THE OMNIPOTENCE, OMNICIENCE,  & OMNIPRESENCE OF GOD, and how GOD IS GOD AND WE ARE NOT! 


UPDATE from Kiev: Shawn Wooten Reports. Ceasefire holding...

Around the world disciples prayed for peace in the Ukraine on Monday this week, and we can all be encouraged by the news from Kiev.  A fragile ceasefire seems to be working.  Fighting has all but stopped, and the ceasefire will soon include buffer zones and observers.  (Read all about the ceasefire at the BBC  

New Musical "Build" is Fantastic!

Sold-out performances in Singapore receive standing ovations...

ENTRY 202: AUG 25-28 Sept 5-8 Job & His Friends Scene 2-B Job 15-31

This entry, containing a FREE BIBLE TALK and covering four days of reading, delves into topics such as GRIEVING, HONESTY IN PRAYER, “BREAKING” SOMEONE, COMFORT FROM GOD’S WORD, GRACE, and STRIVING TO BE RIGHTEOUS.

DT Heart & Soul - Out of Africa

The DT Heart & Soul relationship service brought together Steve Hewitt from the San Diego church (USA) and Eileen Samuel from Port Elizabeth (South Africa) and the couple celebrated a wedding with an African flavour on the 4th of July.

You can read Eileen's testimonial here: 

HotNews Loves The New Album, "It Is Written," by Matt Fabilenia and Nathan Taliaferro

Check out the brand new music video by these two San Antonio musicians below.  You can listen to (and purchase) the whole album here.  All proceeds go to Africa missions.

Ebola Outbreak Update: Letter From Liberia

Liberia_Ebola WorkshopSeptember 1, 2014 - Dear Brethren, we are thankful to God for your kind gesture. Indeed, we have received nearly US$4,000 to help assist us as we are going through the Ebola virus epidemic. Your help will enable us to get some food items, sanitation materials and medications since most of the economic activities are locked and many disciples are encountering financial problems. A portion of this money will go to our three day Community outreach on Ebola Awareness to help in the community.


The Kiev church has urgently requested a worldwide day of prayer for Monday, Sept 8th, for peace in the Ukraine...

Ebola Outbreak Update: Letter From Sierra Leone

EbolaPreventionMonday, August 25, 2014

Greetings to our Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the money sent to us through HOPE worldwide. We are purchasing and distributing food items and raising awareness about Ebola prevention. We are thankful for everyone who sacrificed to help us in this time of great need; we also pray that God will remember them.

ENTRY 201: AUG 22-24 Job & His Friends Scene 2-A Job 3-14

This entry covers three days of reading (my conference has started!) and contains very useful lessons for anyone who WANTS TO BE A BETTER FRIEND and a HEALTHY DISCIPLER, specifically touching on STRESS & MENTAL HEALTH, HOW TO TALK TO A FRIEND WITH AN ILLNESS, and EMPATHIC LISTENING. 

Baptised at 102 - a "young" disciple of Christ

August 9 is a special day for Mama Rebecca Kotane. In 1956 she was one of 20 000 women who marched to the Union Building in Pretoria to protest against the carrying of passes as stipulated by the country's Apartheid laws; and now it also the day she became a disciple of Jesus.

Caption: MaKotane getting baptised by Eugene Malao.


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