Proverbs 25:25 "Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land."

ENTRY 174: JULY 24 Ezekiel, Prophet in Exile Ezekiel 1-7

The next few entries give a glimpse into the mind of God through the prophet Ezekiel, who had gone into exile as one of the priests (he was from the line of Aaron). Today’s entry hits on GOD’S NATURE, STUBBORNESS (GOOD & BAD), and COMMITMENT. 

ENTRY 173: JULY 22-23 The Word of God Is Like A Hammer! Jeremiah 23-24; Jeremiah 27-29; Jeremiah 34; Jeremiah 49-51


ENTRY 172: JULY 21 Jeremiah’s More Obscure Prophesies into a Historical Context 2 Kings 24; 2 Chronicles 36:8-16; Jer 22:18-30; Jer 37:1-2; Jer 48-49

This entry about Jehoiakim’s Last Years and The Great Deportation is an example of how Dr. Smith’s chronology sets some of Jeremiah’s more obscure prophesies into a historical context. Read on for some more conviction about THE ULTIMATE FUTILITY OF DEFYING GOD, plus A LONG STUDY OF PRIDE, and how ARROGANCE LEADS TO BEING DECEIVED.


We pick up back in 2 Kings 24:1, where we discover: 

ENTRY 171: JULY 20 Introducing Daniel, the Bravest High-Achieving Teen Ever! Daniel 1-2

This is the first entry to feature Daniel, one of the most inspiring characters in the Old Testament, and hits on topics such as TAKING A STAND AT WORK, STICKING TO YOUR CONVICTIONS, and TRUSTING GOD IN DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES. 

When you read the book of Daniel, remember that you are not reading a “story”, but true exploits of your spiritual brother who is waiting for you in heaven – it is very emotional and encouraging!

ENTRY 170: JULY 18-19 The King Burns The Bible and Judah Gets Deported Habakkuk; Jeremiah 25, 35-36; 2 Kings 24:1-7; 2 Chronicles 36:6-7

This entry, containing a FREE BIBLE TALK, delves into topics such as the REALITY OF GOOD vs EVIL, SEEKING RESULTS, CRAZY ARROGANCE TOWARDS GOD and RESPECT FOR GOD’S WORD. By the way, you MUST check out the video on the Northwest Region of the Johannesburg church advertising their series on Habakkuk! It is awesome!! If I can get the link from Justin, I will post it! 

ENTRY 169: JULY 17 Josiah's Timely Untimely Death 2 Kings 23:29-37; 2 Chron 35:20-25; 2 Chron 36:1-5; Jer 22:10-17; Jer 26, 46


The end of Josiah’s reign came when he was only 39 years old. As Isaiah wrote, sometimes the good die young cause they are too good for this world…Perhaps

God wanted to get on with the captivity of Judah, and He had promised Josiah that he would not be involved…who knows?

ENTRY 168: JULY 16 Jeremiah’s Preaching Motivated Josiah’s Reforms! 2 Kings 22:3-20; 2 Kings 23:1-28; 2 Chron 34:8-33; 2 Chron 35:1-19

Whew, it is nice to be back in the historical narrative, after several days of gruelling reading in the prophets. I love that stuff, but it is so heavy! One of the fun things about reading this part chronologically is that we can see that actually, Jeremiah’s preaching was having at least some effect because look what happened under Josiah’s reign…well, at least we can imagine that is what was happening, right? This entry focuses on how JOSIAH’S PURITY OF HEART and DESIRE TO FOLLOW THE WORD produced RADICAL REFORMTION and GODLY LEADERSHIP. 

ENTRY 167: JULY 15 Jeremiah Loves God’s Word – Riveting Stuff! Jer 15:9 – Jer 20

This reading contains some incredibly convicting passages, with insights on HYPOCRISY, LOVE, COMPASSION, JUDGMENT, and LOVING GOD’S WORD.


ENTRY 166: JULY 14 Jeremiah Reels from Persecution and is Challenged by Other Prophets Jer 12 – Jer 15:9

Today’s entry discusses HYPOCRISY, VISUAL AIDS, LOVE, COMPASSION, and JUDGMENT. Dr Smith prefaces Chapter 12 with this narration:


Perhaps because of this first brush with serious persecution, Jeremiah feels the need to be reassured both of his mission and of God’s support. He is probably both frightened and angry at the thought of what almost happened to him (in chapter 11). 


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ENTRY 165: JULY 12-13 Jeremiah Conveys God’s Thoughts about False Religion and Not Following the Word…Still Scorching! Jeremiah 7-11

In Jeremiah chapters 7-11, the prophet’s tirade against Judah’s rebellion and wickedness continues. This entry which covers TWO DAYS OF READING highlights the UTTER USELESSNESS OF IDOLATRY AND FORSAKING GOD’S WORD, and what happened when we began rebuilding in 2003 as we divided things up between THE GOOD (WHAT WE SHOULD KEEP), THE BAD (WHAT WE SHOULD REJECT), AND WHAT WE SHOULD LEARN FOR THE FUTURE.

ENTRY 164: JULY 11 Jeremiah’s Scorching Take On Hypocrisy Continues Jeremiah 6

In Jeremiah chapters 6-11, the prophet’s tirade against Judah’s rebellion and wickedness continues. For today and tomorrow, I will discuss some of the past ills of our fellowship of churches. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then just praise God and be happy that your congregation is fine and/or that you have become a Christian recently. Feel free to skip this entry if you prefer. However, I believe that these passages, specifically in chapter six which we are looking at today, relate to some of the problems of our past, contain some poignant and scary warnings for us now, and hold the key to the way forward in our fellowship of churches.


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