Proverbs 25:25 "Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land."

PRAYER UPDATE: Donetsk Ukraine--Ukrainian Plea for Support sticky icon

     You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God (2 Corinthians 9:11).   We thank God for all of you, for your prayers and generous sacrifice to help support the churches in the Ukraine. We want to update you with progress of the fund raiser and let you know what is going on in the Ukraine.

ENTRY 182: AUG 1 Asking for Advice or Asking for Approval? 2 Kings 25; Jeremiah 40-44

This is the second entry from “The Exile” series, covering topics such as INSINCERE PRAYING, SEEKING APPROVAL INSTEAD OF WISDOM, and JUSTIFICATION OF SIN. Historically, today’s reading is about the time that Jeremiah was taken into Egypt by the rebellious Hebrews who still hadn’t learned the lessons from the fall of Jerusalem. 


ENTRY 181: JULY 31 You Think Yesterday’s Was Sad? Try Jeremiah’s Lamentations! Lamentations 1-5

This entry covers topics such as Sadness/ Mourning/ Grief/ Loss, the Consequences of Sin, the Consequences of Unhealthy Leadership, and God’s Love & Compassion. 

ENTRY 180: JULY 30 Jeremiah Escapes Death; “The Fall Of Jerusalem” 2 Kings 25; 2 Chronicle 36; Jeremiah 37-40; Jeremiah 52

This sad entry covers the actual fall of Jerusalem. I can only imagine how terrible it must have been for the few faithful Jews who had loved their once mighty temple to see it burned and destroyed. Look out for TRUSTING & OBEYING IN THE HARD TIMES, realizing that ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and being grateful that GOD CAN AND DOES WORK IN THE MOST UNEXPECTED WAYS! 


ENTRY 179: JULY 29 Ezekiel Prophesies During The Seige Ezekiel 25-31

This entry covers topics such as “Scheudenfraud”, A History Of Tyre, And How Lacking Faith Is Serious, makes much better sense if prefaced by the interesting narrative of Dr F LaGard Smith, quoted below:


ENTRY 178: JULY 28 Jeremiah Prophesies During The Seige Jeremiah 21-23; Jeremiah 30-34

This entry highlights the topics of TRUST, PRAISE, and especially focuses on BEAUTIFUL RESTORATION PROPHECY where God WANTS TO BE OUR GOD!


Baptisms in the Ukraine

     If you read our previous article about the Ukrainian churches, then you already know that the situation in Ukraine remains dire.  However, amidst all the tragedy, the disciples there are continuing to share the message of Christ.  Here are a few photos of people who made Jesus Lord in the Ukraine.

Worldwide Worship: Johannesburg, South Africa

    If we only hear the Christian worship songs played over and over again on the radio or the worship songs sung over ang over again in our own congregations, we may develop a very limited perspective on how we can praise God through song. Sometimes we need a fresh perspective on worship (I know I do).  This brief video gives us a glipse of a worship service at the International Church of Christ in Johannesburg, South Africa.

ENTRY 177: JULY 27 Ezekiel’s Graphic Word Pictures 2 Kings 24:20; 2 Kings 25:1; 2 Chronicles 36:13; Jeremiah 39:1; Jeremiah 52:3; Ezekiel 15-24 same verses as yesterday cause there are a lot!!

If you are taking the trouble to read Quiet Time entries on a website, you are probably trying not to sin... However, making a sin list for your self every year is not a bad idea. I haven’t done it every year of my Christian life, but I have done it often, and it is always sobering and very helpful. The group, Alcoholics’ Anonymous, or AA, and other groups that practice the Twelve Steps, believe that making a sin list, or a thorough and fearless moral inventory, as they call it, is crucial in helping people overcoming their addictions. Since we as humans are all addicted to sin in one way or another, it makes sense that doing the same would be helpful!

ENTRY 176: JULY 26 Ezekiel’s Graphic Word Pictures 2 Kings 24:20; 2 Kings 25:1; 2 Chronicles 36:13; Jeremiah 39:1; Jeremiah 52:3; Ezekiel 15-24

In the first section of this entry, God instructed Ezekiel through the use of analogies and illustrations so that the people might know how He felt about them and what He thought about them. Topics highlighted in this entry are THE ABHORENCE OF SIN, GOD’S JUSTICE, A BIG SIN LIST, NOT FORGETTING SIN, and THE NEED FOR LEADERS TO STAND IN THE GAP.

ENTRY 175: JULY 25 Praying For An Undivided Heart Ezekiel 8-14

Wow, Ezekiel gets to have an outer body experience, just so he can denounce Israel’s sin with full authority for her IDOLATRY, FALSE PROPHETS, CORRUPT LEADERS, REBELLION, RELIGIOUS UNFAITHFULNESS! On a more positive note, he also talks about having an UNDIVIDED HEART. Read this entry for details! By the way, this is a rather short entry, to make up for yesterday’s rather long one! (Plus today is my spiritual birthday! I am 35 years old in the Lord today – July 25, 1979; I was 17 ½ years old!)

ENTRY 174: JULY 24 Ezekiel, Prophet in Exile Ezekiel 1-7

The next few entries give a glimpse into the mind of God through the prophet Ezekiel, who had gone into exile as one of the priests (he was from the line of Aaron). Today’s entry hits on GOD’S NATURE, STUBBORNESS (GOOD & BAD), and COMMITMENT. 

ENTRY 173: JULY 22-23 The Word of God Is Like A Hammer! Jeremiah 23-24; Jeremiah 27-29; Jeremiah 34; Jeremiah 49-51


ENTRY 172: JULY 21 Jeremiah’s More Obscure Prophesies into a Historical Context 2 Kings 24; 2 Chronicles 36:8-16; Jer 22:18-30; Jer 37:1-2; Jer 48-49

This entry about Jehoiakim’s Last Years and The Great Deportation is an example of how Dr. Smith’s chronology sets some of Jeremiah’s more obscure prophesies into a historical context. Read on for some more conviction about THE ULTIMATE FUTILITY OF DEFYING GOD, plus A LONG STUDY OF PRIDE, and how ARROGANCE LEADS TO BEING DECEIVED.


We pick up back in 2 Kings 24:1, where we discover: 


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