Johannesburg church celebrates its 30th anniversary - some musical highlights

Singing of Southwest Ministers by J Brian Craig

Jo'burg Church of Christ Christmas Carols 2015 (in under 3min)

Worldwide Worship


If we only hear the Christian worship songs played over and over again on the radio or the worship songs sung over ang over again in our own congregations, we may develop a very limited perspective on how we can praise God through song. Sometimes we need a fresh perspective on worship (I know I do).  This brief video gives us a glipse of a worship service at the International Church of Christ in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Joburg church of Christ - For the Days of my Life

The Jo'burg Church of Christ Sings


Singapore Teens Rock in 2010

The Singapore Teens want to wish everyone a very happy new year and may God fulfil all your dreams in 2010. Below is our dedication song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as sung in our Church Year End party. Sung by Arielle Pasqual, Maddie MacGreggor, Sonia Louis, David Louis on guitar, and Erin Lee on percussion.

Worship Music from the Johannesburg Church

I am going to Sing ...

Jo'burg church Christmas carols