TUESDAY MORNING - All disciples are safe, but some disciples have had their homes flooded.  The waters have not yet crested across Houston.  AP is reporting that 17,000 people are "seeking shelter" right now.  Many are sheltered in Houston.  San Antonio and Dallas have shelters set up.  But it is difficult for people to actually drive out of Houston right now.  Most roads are closed at some point.  Evangelist Doug Wens says the waters crested in Cypress, with his house only a few vertical inches above the flood line.  But there is still 18 inches of rain still left to fall.  Please be praying for Texas and Louisiana!

MONDAY MORNING - Harvey simply won't go away.  The last few days has been pretty tough for Texans.  First we watched the hurricane slam into the coast, wreaking havoc in the town of Rockport.  The Corpus Christi church had evancuated, and we were happy to learn that Richard and Sarah Alawaye's home was not damaged and that power is back on.  We are still waiting on word from the rest of the church.  Everyone is OK as far as we know.  They should be trickling back to Corpus in the next 24 hours to get a first look at their property.

Next, Harvey threatened San Antonio and Austin, dumping 7 inches of rain on Austin, and 2 inches of rain on San Antonio.  Here in San Antonio we actually had church today.  We felt we had dodged a bullet. 

Then the storm turned toward Houston.  Harvey unloaded 24 inches of rain, with 24 more inches forecast for this week.  Please be praying for Houston.  Doug Wens says that all the disciples are safe, but some homes are flooding.  We will know more on Monday and Tuesday.  Please check out the video from HotNews from Sunday night.  Please be praying that the rain will stop, and that the waters will recede.  Pray also for the first responders who are risking their lives in Houston and across South Texas as they rescue fellow citizens stuck in flooded houses.  And please go to to help.