Get a Free CD with a Purchase of the Upside Down DVD!


Hello minions,

It is I – Simon the Sorcerer. 

My most loyal apprentice has brought to my attention that many of you are making special preparations for an upcoming holiday. He has also assured me that this holiday is most certainly a celebration of how much you all respect me, admire my vast kingdom, and marvel at all I have been able to accomplish during my reign. 

Since this holiday is about me, and not about that Jesus fellow, I have decided to bestow on you yet another wonderful gift to reinforce my superiority over anyone who dares challenge me.

During this festive occasion only, you will get a FREE copy of the Upside Down Music CD when you purchase the DVD of my story to share with all of your holiday visitors.  

Click here to reserve your copy of my generous gift to you. Remember...the sooner you click the link above, the sooner we can send this out your way. 


With all power and might,