Singing of Southwest Ministers by J Brian Craig

A few weeks ago we had a bunch of ministers from our family of churches across the Southwest come into town for an annual retreat.  We hosted the gathering at our regular midweek location and I put some songs together with some of the ministers who are also worship leaders.  There was a stereo digital recorder set up in the back of the room to record the lessons by tapping into the sound system.  However, the device was accidentally configured to record through it’s own microphone.  So it ended up capturing the sound of the room instead of what was coming directly through the microphones.  This made the lessons sound pretty distant but it was an unexpected treat for me because when I went to edit out the lessons I got to listen back to the voices of all the ministers singing.

I love these recordings because as a worship leader, this is exactly what I’m going for –listening to the voices of the brothers and sisters praising God, calling out to him, expressing their hearts for him.  We try to be careful that whatever we are doing on stage is accenting and inspiring congregational engagement, encouraging the voice of the church and not drowning it out.  Supporting, not supplanting. 

To hear some of the clip click HERE