South African Campus Ministries seeing hundreds come out to Bible Talks

The South African churches have launched an annual "Encounter" program for disciple students who would like to come and be a part of an African Campus ministry experience. Students must fund themselves to get to South Africa but once there, they will be housed, fed and trained. They will then split up into "mission team" sized groups and spread out onto the South African campuses.

The group that joined up with the University of the Witwatersrand Campus Ministry saw visitors of up to 80 people at some of the Bible Talks. (see pic above) Those that went to Pretoria (TUKS) also had a tremendous impact. All campuses combined had total visitors for the week of nearly 300! Needless to say lots of Bible Studies have been setup.

Please be praying for a harvest of souls in the next few weeks.

The four to six week program (July-Aug) includes work in poor communities and a visit to the Lion park.

For more information about Encounter 2016 contact Jacques Genis at