ICOC HotNews Episode: "The London Report"

    When HotNews visited the UK earlier this year, we saw evidence of God's work to unite and strengthen the International Church of Christ family there.  After several years of trial, the London church is healthy again and is eager to do even greater things for God. In this episode, evangelist Mohan Nanjundan shares some of the biggest highlights.

Video script:

     Welcome to wet and windy, wintery London. My name is Mohan Nanjundan and this is my beautiful wife Helen and together we lead the church in London. We’re really excited about the great things that God is doing around the United Kingdom.

     We had times of great disunity and mutual suspicion, which were very difficult, but I think it’s been key in the last few years that we have really striven for a John 17 unity and I appreciate so much the brothers and sisters.  So many of them, particularly those in leadership positions, have been willing for the sake of the bigger picture, to set aside their differences.  I think all of that together has been blessed by God and has resulted in the greatest growth we have seen in many years.

     Last year, in particular, the London church was blessed with 99 baptisms and restorations and a growth two to three times anything in the previous three or four years. We have staff in every region. We have more and more people going back into the full-time ministry. We’re excited even this year for a couple: Roger and Jackie Frimpong, who in their 50’s are going into the full-time ministry for the first time.

     Several times a year, in fact six times a year, we all come together.  We are excited about that, especially when we all get together on the first weekend of the year. That church-wide service is preceded by a training workshop for Bible discussion leaders.


    I’m so grateful to God for a vibrant Women’s Ministry here in London with women teaching women. When I first arrived in London in 2009 I was the only woman on staff. Right now we have as many women on staff as men.  Last year we had an attendance of over 1,000 women at our Women’s Day. To God be the glory.


    We’re looking forward to great things happening this year.  We will be having a summer internship for students. The One-Year-Challenge is alive and kicking. All of this would not have been possible without God and we really would ask your prayers for the United Kingdom. God bless and thank you so much.

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