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If we only hear the Christian worship songs played over and over again on the radio or the worship songs sung over ang over again in our own congregations, we may develop a very limited perspective on how we can praise God through song. Sometimes we need a fresh perspective on worship (I know I do).  This brief video gives us a glipse of a worship service at the International Church of Christ in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Do you find the language a little hard to understand? No worries. Here's an English translation:

Father, God Almighty
What are our sins
What have we wronged you, Lord
Father, God Almighty

What have we done? x2
What have we done, My Lord?
That we kill each other thus!

This world
Is full of troubles x2
Father, God Almighty

May this cup pass from us x2
What have we done My Lord
That We kill each other thus!

I have a continuous cry
Inside my heart
I keep saying “Truly
May this cup pass from us
Father, God Almighty

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