PRAYER UPDATE: Donetsk Ukraine--Ukrainian Plea for Support

     You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God (2 Corinthians 9:11).   We thank God for all of you, for your prayers and generous sacrifice to help support the churches in the Ukraine. We want to update you with progress of the fund raiser and let you know what is going on in the Ukraine.

     With the tragedy of the Malaysian Flight 17, once again the world camera has been focused on Eastern Ukraine. It has magnified the violence, and the profound instability that has taken our country hostage at this hour. Our hearts go out to the families of the 298 lives that were lost. This brings the number, as some have estimated to more than a thousand lives lost… because of the violence.

[Photo: Donetsk]

     At this hour - our church of 53 brothers and sisters in Donetsk, is now down to 2. We have evacuated and found places to live for many. Many have moved to other cities in Russia and Ukraine. They are holding internet and Skype services, and fellowship times, until we get everyone to a city with a church. Please pray for our brothers and sisters from Donetsk, as they have witnessed and endured an extraordinary trial. Pray for them, as they have left their homes, schools, jobs, and their home congregation, to seek shelter work and stability in other cities.

     We are thankful for the financial contributions that have been given. Many individuals have gone to the web site and made contributions through the site. Several churches have taken up freewill contributions! Thank you! Thank you God for your hearts to help. In a time when our churches are being tested, your love is a bright light. As of right now: 25 churches from 5 countries and 177 individuals from 17 countries have generously given to help out the churches in the Ukraine. Thanks to these contributions we have collected 30% of our estimated projected needs.

We praise God as he continues to add saved souls to his church!

- One sister drove through 6 armed barricades and carried an inflatable pool to baptize her physical sister in Lugansk.

- Zina moved from Donesk to Kiev, and was baptized 2 weeks ago!

[Photo: Dasha - Baptized by Parents in Dnepr River]

God continues to do miracles!

Please continue to pray :

1. That there will be peace in Eastern Ukraine.
2. For our Brothers and Sisters from Donetsk that they will find shelter, work, and schools for their families.
3. That there will be a deescalation of violence in Eastern Ukraine.
4. That a level 4 draft will not be instated.
5. That our fellowship between Christians in Ukraine and Russia - will reflect the Love of Christ!
6. That the fund raiser will raise enough money to sustain the work we have started with the churches.
7. That the churches will continue to grow in spite of the trials.

Thank you for your prayers!

You can continue to follow updates on our PAGE: Prayer for Peace. Our event is shut down.

For those who feel like they are able to help with the ministry needs in the Ukraine, you can make a donation by clicking below.


Churches - feel free to contact myself ( or Jim Blough ( if you need more information.

We thank God for the Grace - He has given others, to make up for what is lacking here.

With much love and thankfulness. Your Brother in Christ

Shawn Wooten

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