Nosheen Rasheed

Nousheen and Rasheed

Nosheen Rasheed and her husband Rasheed Masih at their wedding

Nosheen Rasheed was invited for a women's day through one visitor in the year 2000, but at that time she was studying in university doing her bachelor's degree. She was very shy and never went out of her house alone even for the university.  As a young Pakistani woman, she always needed someone to accompany her whenever she left the house. Her study schedule was very tight and she was not able to come for the meetings. She was always scared to talk to people and also to travel on local vans and buses because of men teasing women a lot.

Her mother had the faith to become a Christian and was baptized at that time.  Then Susan and Shaneela followed up on her and helped her to study the Bible. She never wanted to come to the meetings.  Nosheen always said that she will study the bible but she will not come to any of the meetings. But the sisters kept praying and following up on her and encouraged her to not only come to the meetings, but also to share her faith.  They believed Jesus could help her change and be more giving.  It was certainly not her habit to initiate with strangers. In February 2000 she started the studies and in March 2000 she got baptized.

After becoming a disciple she became more confident and she started to come to the meetings alone and she even started doing evangelism on her own--a real feat in Pakistan.

In the year 2001 because of her constant change and spiritual maturity she accepted an appointment as a student intern with the church; she also completed her Masters degree form Punjab University in Lahore. She was one of the most dedicated of sisters.  She oftened traveled alone and she loved sports in the church--she would go to the ground before every one else and she play with brothers and sisters in the park.

She also helped her father to become a disciple (as noted above her mother was already a disciple when she got baptized). In February 2007 she was asked about her dream to go on a mission team but she was afraid to go and even some times she would start crying in the church meetings. She always wanted to be near her discipleship partner and other friends where she can always get help and things are easier. But with prayers she made the bold and inspiring decision to go on the mission team.

Nosheen teaching 

Nosheen teaching the Bible in Rawalpindi

Then she faced another decision in her life... whether or not to get married.  At first she was reluctant.  Then she changed her mind and got married to Rasheed, an intern in the church, and together they went to the mission team to Rawalpindi on 18th November 2007.

Since that time God has blessed her with great life and a great marriage in the church, and she has proved that with him who gives strength we can do everything.  Nothing is impossible and nothing is so difficult whether it is repentance, character changes, or any challenge in the world. Already one woman Saba has been baptized into Christ, and her sister Farah is studying the Bible as well.  Dozens of women have come to church, and Nosheen is bringing hope to the women of Rawalpindi at a time when there is so much fear in that place.  Amen!  Because of her inspiring courage, and her deep love for Jesus, Nosheen is our "IcocHotNews Person of the Month."

Below:  Shazia, Saba (new disciple in Rawalpindi) and Nosheen enjoying fellowship.

Shazia, Saba, and Nosheen