Frank Dowd

Frank DowdBringing Hope to New Orleans...

Frank Dowd is the Director for HOPEworldwide in Louisiana. He has been doing a great job getting relief for those whose lives were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. HOPEworldwide's work in the gulf states was named National Best Practice by the Corporations for National and Community Service. Frank and his wife Tammica are pillars of the church in nearbye Baton Rouge, and their sacrificial spirit is evident to all. Frank grew up in South Carolina, and went to Clemson. He's been married 9 years, and was baptized in 2000. HOPEworldwide is doing some amazing things in Louisiana. Here are just a few of Hope's accomplishments...

HOPEworldwide has...

  • Saved the State of Louisiana almost $40,000,000 by organizing the gutting of 2700 homes by Hope volunteers!
  • This year alone 1500 volunteers have donated 25,000 hours of their time to help!
  • Volunteers provided Play Care for children at FEMA sites in Houston, Mississippi, and Louisiana- “Operation Safe Place.”
  • Toy drives helped 1500 families.
  • Participated in building 50 homes (Musicians Village)
  • 37 volunteers mentored displaced children in conjunction with “Big Buddy” program serving 2,032 hours
  • Participated in the HOPE for Louisiana Project and have placed 50 families back in there homes.
As the work changes from gutting the homes that were damaged by the flood to reconstructing homes, HOPEworldwide is gearing up to help. In the next few months Hope will be...
  • Gutting homes (St. Bernard Parish, Orleans East)
  • Running a Campsite (Camp Courage, in Orleans East)
  • Building homes (St. Bernard Parish, Orleans East)
  • Rehabbing homes (St. Bernard Parish, Orleans East, Baton Rouge)
  • Special projects (building wheelchair ramps, cleaning parks, landscaping, debris pickup, etc.)
  • Case Management and Outreach Services (Gardere, Community in Baton Rouge – 20,000 Displaced Families)

Dozens of churches from the ICOC have gone and volunteered in New Orleans. Many of us have had the privilege of seeing Frank at work. He is a thorough, loving, dedicated servant of Christ and his fellow man. Congratulations, Frank! You are our "person of the month."

PS... We will be doing a "person of the month" every month in 2008. You may email us a nomination. Include the city, church, phone number, a short bio and a jpeg picture. Click the "Contact Us" button on the left. of the 2007 Hope Youth Corps to visit the Gulf States to help.

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