About Us

Submitted by The Editors on Tue, 2007-10-02 13:39

Icoc HotNews was created by Mike and Justin with the simple goal of making available information and news from the ICOC (International Church of Christ) congregations around the world. We are not the official voice of the ICOC but our goal is to inform, give opinion and keep up to date with developments within this family of churches.

Who writes the stories? Our correspondents from around the world file stories and report the news. Our editorial team includes Karen Louis (MA - Counseling) from Singapore, Dave Pocta (MA - Div) from South Africa, Our newest member comes with nearly twenty years experience as a professional journalist, Vida Li-Sik (BA - Journalism). This news site is absolutely a team effort. The separate video production team consists of Zach Fazio (BA - Communications/New Media/Journalism) and Nathan Taliaferro (Video editing and production) from the USA.
So sit back and enjoy.

The Editors