Tom Beam Leaves $11 Million Endowment for ICOC Missions

Tom Beam saved lives making seat belts.  Today his money is saving souls...
To our Brothers and Sisters in Boston and around the world!

We are excited to inform you that the Boston Church has established the Beam Missions Foundation to assist organizations and congregations in our collective efforts to evangelize the world. This Foundation is being initially funded by an $11 million gift from Tom & Ada Beam, and will seek to become an international repository for funds dedicated to this cause. Tom and Ada lived in Oklahoma City and, upon Ada's death in 2004, designated the Boston church as a beneficiary of their estate because of the exciting and extensive church plantings that have defined the Boston Church's history.

The Beam Missions Foundation is under the oversight of the Boston Eldership which composes its board of directors, but will function as a separate public charity and will seek to fund high impact mission efforts around the world. It will operate with a global perspective, and will fund individual efforts, church efforts, and regional Mission Society efforts to reach the lost in every nation.  Valdur Koha has been asked to take on the role of the Executive Director.  The Beam Missions Foundation is seeking to work with financial experts and missions leaders from around the world to develop a highly effective missions foundation.

Tom and Ada Beam led a humble and sacrificial life that was characterized by generosity and a passion to see God's word spread to all nations. The Elders of the Boston Church are striving to see that Tom and Ada's dream and sacrifice are leveraged to save the largest number of people possible. We are deeply grateful for their trust and invite you to rejoice with us as God continues to open new doors to a lost world.

Yours in Christ,
The Boston Elders
Mark Buchholz
Jack Frederick
Ken Ostrowski
Greg Nevil
Wyndham Shaw
Clarence Webster