Proverbs 25:25 "Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land."

Flooding Paralyzes Jakarta

Torrential rains in Jakarta, Indonesia are finally starting to subside following paralyzing flooding in the city that began on Sunday night.  Rivers, canals, flood plains and drainage systems could not hold the heavy influx of water and flooding spread into the streets and homes.

Maputo, Mozambique church seeing explosive growth!

The church in Maputo Mozambique gathered at the beginning of 2014 and agreed that they needed to re-dedicate themselves to having vision and faith so that the church could grow past 100 members. 

During the year, the church saw 27 souls baptised and a number of restorations, bringing the church membership to now 120 disiciples!

Araujo Francisco who moved from Pretoria, South Africa just one year ago with his new family is so encouraged by what God is doing in Maputo.

Please continue praying for the church and for an even greater 2015!

Prayer for Peace: February 15, 2015

     Shawn Wooten, lead evangelist for the International Church of Christ in Kiev, Ukraine, sent us this request:  Dear Friends and Family around the World!

An Announcement From HOPE worldwide's CEO

Randy JordanDear Friends of HOPE worldwide,

In 1991 our fellowship of churches, under the leadership of Bob and Pat Gempel, founded HOPE worldwide. This organization was created in response to the example of Jesus’ ministry of compassion to help the poor and needy. In 2008 the baton of leadership was passed to me as I assumed the office of Chief Executive Officer of HOPE worldwide following 12 years of serving in the roles of both General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer.

February HOPEww Chapter Newsletter Now Available

More than 10,000 Hww volunteers honored the spirit of Dr. King with acts of service. Click here to read this story and the latest HOPE worldwide Chapter updates.  

Winter Storm Juno Shelter Information

January 28, 2015 - We are grateful that all of the HOPE worldwide Chapters in the Northeast are on alert and have prepared the volunteers in the affected areas. Our focus was to prepare the volunteers and to make sure that there was a plan for the elderly, sick and shut in. As reports come in from the field, we will do our best to coordinate a response. Below is a summary of the Shelter Operations from the American Red Cross.

Career Opportunity: Chief Development Officer

JOB TITLE: Chief Development Officer (CDO)

LOCATION: HOPE worldwide Headquarters

DEPARTMENT: Development

REPORTS TO: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

New AIM Course

     Update from the Athens Institute of Ministry (AIM): A note from Douglas about our upcoming Church History course.  As one wise person said, "Those who ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat them.” If we don’t know where we have come from, how can we know where we are going?

Jesse Huerta Passed Away

Our brother Jesse Huerta passed away this afternoon in San Antonio. He was 42. Please pray for Jocelyn, Li, and the family. Funeral arrangements will be announced soon.

Kinshasa Church Women’s Day - "Le Secret du Vrai Bonheur"

Kareen T. Laplanche from the International Church of Christ in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, sent us this update:  On November 23 2014, the Kinshasa Church in Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C) had 308 in attendance at its annual Women’s Day. That day was particularly exceptional.

We Have A Dream - Nós temos um sonho!

     Jorge and Ana Bittencourt help lead the International Church of Christ in São Paulo, Brazil.

A Letter of Thanks from Ukraine

     Shawn Wooten, lead evangelist for the International Church of Christ in Kiev, Ukraine, sent us this update: Dear Family around the World, as New Years always inspires us to reflect with thankfulness and dream of what God can do in the future... I am overwhelmed with the picture God has given me of our fellowship this last year!

Festival de las Americas 2015 kicking off on May 24th

 Announcement from the Los Angeles Church of Christ: We are delighted to announce the 2015 Festival de las Americas "Proclama" (Proclaim) - Leadership for the New Generation. The focus of this conference will be for the current and future leadership of our churches.  We are calling everybody in our congregations who are currently serving in leadership, have the desire to serve as leaders in the future, or those for whom we have a vision for leadership.

Brits Invade Life-Changing Worship

   Update from Dave Eastman at  As we begin 2015 at Life-Changing Worship, we are enjoying a United Kingdom Invasion.  Malcolm Cox (Thames Valley, England) has composed for us an outstanding 6-part series entitled,  "Worship Matters"; Martin Mboteh and Mwamba Bennett (Birmingham, England) have written a practical piece about some of their te

MLK Day 2015: Volunteers Step Up To Serve Their Neighbors

Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

SWAMP shares their ambitious 5 year plan!


Swamp have a very ambitious and faith stretching goal to share the amazing impact they have had on thousands of youth in the South East of the US, and spread that around the world!

To read more CLICK HERE to see their video or go HERE to read about their plan. 


Happy New Year & Good News from HOPEww Bolivia

Richard and Sarah Alawaye to Plant a Church in Corpus Christi, Texas

Our Texas/Oklahoma family of churches is excited to announce that Richard and Sarah Alawaye will be planting a church in Corpus Christi, Texas, with services beginning in March of 2015.  Team members will be arriving in the coming months.  Supported through the combined efforts and offerings of our Texas and Oklahoma congregations, the Alawayes will be spending the next two months preparing for the planting.  Richard and Sarah have led churches in Nairobi, Lagos, and Atlanta.  Contact them at

10 Years After The Tsunami

Small Mission Church, Ipoh Malaysia - HOPE MY Reading Program touches the community