Proverbs 25:25 Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.

Tour Singapore's Church Building

A small group of 15 disciples started the Singapore church in 1988.  Today, from that tiny mustard seed of faith, the church has grown to over 4300 baptized disciples in 17 churches in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  Take a tour of the Singapore church building...

Lagos Church Targets 50 Missions by 2010!

Lagos Church Targets 50 Missions by 2010... A Churchwide interactive meeting, which comprised the recently-appointed Elders, Elders-in-training and 363 older disciples (those who have been disciples for 10 years and above) was held on Saturday 22nd of September 2007 at the Church Pavilion in Surulere, Lagos.

Teens Rule at Lagos, Nigeria Sports Day

Teenagers Rule!!!  …A Weekend of Trophies     It was a weekend of double teenage delight as the teens of the Lagos Church had a full day of fun and live

Church Growing in Muslim Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa... This coastal city in Kenya is strongly Muslim and at first glance would seem an unopen field for the gospel.  Two years ago, a small group was sent out from Nairobi to Mombasa, and this handful of Christians has now grown to 48 disciples.  Keep them in your prayers.

Notes from Nairobi, Kenya

Steve Mukenya reports that before you lose hope on a given day, then think about Ken from Nairobi.  He studied the Bible for 5 years and was recently baptized into Christ. Amen.  He also reports that the church has been having regional Women's Days recently and that many women have been baptized.  Pray for the many women who are currently studying the Bible as a result.

Victorious Women's Day in St. Louis

The sisters of the Greater St. Louis Church ( had an incredible Women's Day on September 15th.  The theme was "Unshakable" which is just what our women's ministries can be through the power of God. There was warm fellowship, excellent entertainment, a great meal, and a very inspiring lesson by Barri Lusk, the Women's Ministry Leader.

Bidar, India

Bidar Church was planted this April by the Bangalore and the Hyderabad church with 8 fired-up disciples. In the last 5 months they had 16 baptisms

The Latest on the Unity Proposal

Many have lost track of the proposal.  Here’s my take on the last 24 months...By Mike Taliaferro

Lagos Nigeria Appoints Elders

     The Lagos Church recently appointed two (2) Elders as Shepherds to oversee the Church. This is a milestone achievement in the history of the West African movement as Elders are being appointed for the first time!

2007 Albuquerque Singles Conference

Details about the Albuquerque Singles conference at

More Than Gators Drawing Big Crowds in Florida

The U of Florida campus ministry is off to a great start in their fall semester, with already five people baptized into Christ.  Their recent campus BYND saw 120 disciples bring out 80 of their friends to hear God's word preached.  Even a Longhorn fan can get excited about that!  Mike T

Texas Evangelism Seminar in San Antonio

Over 1700 disciples converged on San Antonio for the 2007 Texas Evangelism Seminar, held on the city's beautiful River Walk.  Speakers included Justin Renton from South Africa, Frank and Erica Kim from Denver, Frank Dowd from New Orleans, along with a host of speakers and teachers from Texas.  It was a great time.  In fact, we had to put out a few hundred extra chairs, as the ballroom was overflowing with disciples.  Our deepest thanks to all who served with sound, ushering, registration, etc.  Everyone commented on the great spirit of the weekend.  We...

San Antonio - Texas

27 Campus students had 78 people out to their opening of term bible talks. The San Antonio church is praying, dreaming and working hard towards having 100 disciples in their campus ministry.

Johannesburg - South Africa

1300 disciples had an attendance of nearly 2200 at the Joburg Church 21st Anniversary serice. It was a thrilling day with Araujo Francisco appointed as an evangelist. God is working powerfully in this region of the world.

Maseru - Lesotho

The 11 disciples of the Lesotho church had 50 people out at their special service. Please be praying for a harvest of fruit from this event.

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