Proverbs 25:25 Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.

Beginning with Faith in Boston

For the Boston Campus ministry the first month of the semester was a time of faith.  As school started in September the leadership group of the ministry set before God in prayer the goal of seeing every bible talk being fruitful this semester…14 conversions!  Next the group of about 20 leaders shared their faith with some 3500 people the first week, and the second week called and encouraged the entire congregation to imitate this.  God blessed

Nairobi Church Women's Day

This year’s Nairobi Christian Church Women’s Day was life-changing to all who attended and quite unique by design.

Denver to Host the ILC in 2009

Cooperating Church Delegates at the International Leadership Conference (ILC) here in Los Angeles Sunday decided on Denver, USA, as the host city for 2009. New York had also thrown their hat in the ring. Kiev, Ukraine is the host city for 2008.

2008 & 2009 Campus Conference Venues Chosen

     The delegates of the cooperating churches met on Saturday in Anaheim before the ILC to choose venues for the Campus Conferences in 2008 and 2009.  San Antonio was asked to organize the 2008 conference, and will be inviting the students and ministers to NEW ORLEANS to both have the conference and to spend some time volunteering in the city.  The date is July 3-6, 2008.  More on this to come.       The 2009 Campus Conference venues are Seattle on the West Coast and Hampton Roads, Va, on the East Coast.  For the first time (and on a trial basis) the 2009 conference will be s

Ottenwellers & Jacques Move to Philly

Tattler has learned that the Ottenwellers (from Africa) and the Jacques (Cambodia) have moved to Philadelphia to work on global strategies for HOPE. Hats off to these homecoming heroes. We wish them all the best.

Maputo - Mozambique

The Maputo church (80 disciples), powerfully led by our newest Southern African evangelist Araujo Francisco and his wife Ilse, had 6 baptisms last month. This church has been an example of joy, faith, zeal and growth since Araujo & Ilse moved to Maputo to take over this previously troubled church. The entire church traveled to Johannesburg earlier this year to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Joburg church, such is the spirit of unity and family that they have with all their other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Int'l Leadership Conference Begins This Weekend

The Los Angeles ICOC is hosting the Int'l Leadership Conference beginning this Sunday in Anaheim, California. Over 1000 leaders and participants are expected from around the world. Be praying for inspiring messages and Spirit filled fellowship.

In All Seasons - 6000 attend Jakarta Women's Day

In Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation, God is moving powerfully to reach the millions of women in that country. Recently, the Jakarta church had their women’s day entitled In All Seasons, with Nadine Templer as the guest speaker and had an incredible attendance of 6000! The event was held over four days, with each service averaging an attendance of 1200-1500 women. Over 100 women signed up for Bible Studies and many talented musicians and mature older women have been responding to the Word of God.

Reaching Out to the Community

In July 2007, the Singapore church ( was one of the main participants in the community Racial and Religious Harmony Day. This is a day dedicated to highlighting the various religions in Singapore and our church was selected to represent Christianity at the community event. We ran a large booth at the carnival with hundreds of Christians helping out throughout the day. The brothers and sisters did balloon sculpting, face painting, and even gave away fruit and chocolate fondue to all passers-by!

HOPE worldwide Singapore - making an impact with Movie Therapy

Watching movies can be good for your health! This is what HOPE worldwide Singapore ( has found with its new and innovative counseling initiative called Movie Therapy (

New and creative ways to start mission churches

Mission Team Plantings: Because we have not been able to send full mission teams, different regions of the Singapore church have adopted certain key cities in Malaysia. Every few months, Christians from Singapore and Malaysia take leave and go to their adopted city and evangelise, hold services and do bible studies with those who are open. One such city is Kuching, in East Malaysia. So far, the Christians have flown there 5- 6 times over the past 18 months. They even had their regional leaders retreat there so that more people could help evangelise the city.

Our First Martyr in China

Our First Martyr in China  (From the Taiwan website)  Growing up in a rural village in China, Mei Yu was happy to be studying in a top university in a big city.  Like many students from the countryside, she shares a Spartan studio apartment with another girl.  The only problem was that Mei Yu’s roommate frequently brought her boyfriend home.

Tour Singapore's Church Building

A small group of 15 disciples started the Singapore church in 1988.  Today, from that tiny mustard seed of faith, the church has grown to over 4300 baptized disciples in 17 churches in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  Take a tour of the Singapore church building...

Lagos Church Targets 50 Missions by 2010!

Lagos Church Targets 50 Missions by 2010... A Churchwide interactive meeting, which comprised the recently-appointed Elders, Elders-in-training and 363 older disciples (those who have been disciples for 10 years and above) was held on Saturday 22nd of September 2007 at the Church Pavilion in Surulere, Lagos.

Teens Rule at Lagos, Nigeria Sports Day

Teenagers Rule!!!  …A Weekend of Trophies     It was a weekend of double teenage delight as the teens of the Lagos Church had a full day of fun and live

Church Growing in Muslim Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa... This coastal city in Kenya is strongly Muslim and at first glance would seem an unopen field for the gospel.  Two years ago, a small group was sent out from Nairobi to Mombasa, and this handful of Christians has now grown to 48 disciples.  Keep them in your prayers.

Notes from Nairobi, Kenya

Steve Mukenya reports that before you lose hope on a given day, then think about Ken from Nairobi.  He studied the Bible for 5 years and was recently baptized into Christ. Amen.  He also reports that the church has been having regional Women's Days recently and that many women have been baptized.  Pray for the many women who are currently studying the Bible as a result.

Victorious Women's Day in St. Louis

The sisters of the Greater St. Louis Church ( had an incredible Women's Day on September 15th.  The theme was "Unshakable" which is just what our women's ministries can be through the power of God. There was warm fellowship, excellent entertainment, a great meal, and a very inspiring lesson by Barri Lusk, the Women's Ministry Leader.

Bidar, India

Bidar Church was planted this April by the Bangalore and the Hyderabad church with 8 fired-up disciples. In the last 5 months they had 16 baptisms

The Latest on the Unity Proposal

Many have lost track of the proposal.  Here’s my take on the last 24 months...By Mike Taliaferro

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