Proverbs 25:25 Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.

End of an Era...Best Buy Stops Selling Analogue TV's

Rabbit ears going the way of LP's, 45's, manual typewriters and the rotary dial phone...

Farmer's Commit Suicide - India

Bidar is a province in south of India where many farmers have committed suicide this last couple of years because of drought. They ended their life because they were unable to pay the banks the loans they had taken to cultivate the land.The loan amount that they had to pay was amounting to $1000-$1500!

Tattler's Take on Anaheim

Great seminar. Great spirit. Now for the REAL news from Anaheim...                

"Signs of Health in the ICOC" from DT

A smorgasbord of good news from the gang over at DT.  Click here  You'll need to log in.  Subscription required.

South Africa vs England in Rugby World Cup Final

The eyes of most of the sporting world will be on Saint-Denis, France for the finals of the Rugby World Cup.  We here at shamelessly root for South Africa.  Check it out at

Life in a Metro

This was the title of the invitation service they had in Mumbai, India on 30th September. It was great to see over 900 people hear the good news of Jesus. The hall was packed and there was no room for people to fit in! We are proud of the leadership and the disciples who have worked hard, especially our sister Shakuntala who is 64 years old and already been on 2 mission teams had recently moved to a new neighborhood and she brought 22 people to hear the message.

News From Down Under

The Melbourne Church of Christ hosted their second South Pacific Conference last month. It was great to have church leaders from Sydney, Brisbane, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Adeliade, Auckland, and Christchurch.  There was a real spirit of unity and cooperation as the churches stay connected and united. 

Hampton Roads October Campaign

Hampton Roads Church as well as the Richmond, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, and Roanoke Churches are all participating in our fall campaign entitled No Gods Before Me.  Check out out the website - for all the exciting things happening in our family of churches in Virginia.

An Unofficial Report on the Cooperation Delegates. What Happened in Anaheim.

What Happened in Anaheim... By Mike Taliaferro This last weekend (Oct 6,7) was the International Leadership Conference for the ICOC. Held in Anaheim, California, roughly 1300 leaders gathered from around the world to pray, listen to classes, and build friendships. The conference began on Sunday, October 7. I think i

Useless Info

2 hours, 15 minutes: Time the average office worker spends visiting non-work-related Web sites daily.     1.1 billion: Dollars employers lose in productivity each week during the NFL season to workers managing their fantasy football teams.    Wow. Tattler needs to get off this computer and get back to work...

2008 NEW ORLEANS Campus Conference

As we pray and prepare for the Int'l Campus Conference in New Orleans next year, MSNBC gives us the latest on the rebuilding process.  Conference participants will spend one day working with Hope and Habitat for Humanity rebuilding homes.  They will give us both the skills, the tools, and a place to work.  It will be a totally different conference. One day out in the field, and two days of classes and fellowship in the hotel.  The city of New Orleans is still way behind and way underfunded in their rebuilding efforts.  Sections of the city are still desolate.  Some city officials es

Harare, Zimbabwe

In spite of the economic challenges of our country (over 2000% inflation and climbing) and the mass exodus of disciples to the Diaspora, God has been working in amazing ways in the church in Harare.  One of the highlights has been the teens ministry. Within a space of 12 months, God has blessed the teens ministry with 13 baptisms: 9 boys and 4 girls.

Risking Their Lives in India

By Mark in New Delhi.     Ten months ago the New Delhi and Kolkata churches of Christ sent out six courageous disciples to the city of Bhubaneswar, Orissa, to plant a church. Orissa is a very poor part of India, and Bhubaneswar is a city full of Hindu temples and leaders. Several years ago in Orissa an Australian missionary, Graham Staines, and his two sons were burned to death in their car by an angry Hindu mob. In spite of the challenges in this very tough field, the disciples have seen 9 baptisms in 10 months.

Video Clips from the ILC in Anaheim

Nice clips of some of the speeches at

ICOC Membership Facts

Our friends over at report a summary of their 2006 survey. Highlights include...

Big Crowd at ILC

The Tattler heard that over 1200 have registered and attended the ILC in Anaheim. Except for Yankee fans, everyone looks very happy.

Beginning with Faith in Boston

For the Boston Campus ministry the first month of the semester was a time of faith.  As school started in September the leadership group of the ministry set before God in prayer the goal of seeing every bible talk being fruitful this semester…14 conversions!  Next the group of about 20 leaders shared their faith with some 3500 people the first week, and the second week called and encouraged the entire congregation to imitate this.  God blessed

Nairobi Church Women's Day

This year’s Nairobi Christian Church Women’s Day was life-changing to all who attended and quite unique by design.

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