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Diversity is a powerful testimony

2017 Campus Encounter

America/New York


Generosity: God's key to joyful living

Over 100 verses in the scripture encourage us to be generous as people. God describes Himself as being generous in nature so I suppose we shouldnt be surprised at His expectation for us to be the same.

This four part Sermon series with Powerpoints and video's explores the subject in more detail. It also presents ideas and opportunities for generosity.

Bolivian disciples share vision to reach all nations

Hurricane Andrew Relief

HOPEww South Africa on National Television

Dr Marc Aguirre is featured on South African national television

HOPEww International Day of Giving

An Inspiring Story of Faith from The Democratic Republic of the Congo



FALL PREVIEW: HotNews Videos Will be Coming From Australia & the South Pacific - 30 Second Trailer

Watch for new videos from Australia and the South Pacific shown at our subscribing churches.


Reaching for Hope through grief and loss

2017 Youth & Family Conference

DT Heart & Soul is bringing singles together from all over the world.

"Come & Stay" an innovative idea for disciples traveling

Christian Professional Conference - Part 1 Frank Kim

Frank recently traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa to conduct a Christian Professional Conference. This is Part 1 of the conference.


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