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Nearly 18 000 attend the ICOC REACH conference at St. Louis

From the Christian Chronicle: A Weekend with the ICOC


Faith & Doubt: New Sermon Series

This Sermon Series explores the issues of the tension between faith & doubt. Is doubt always bad? How do we move from doubt to faith? What causes us to lose faith?

Part 1 - The Gift of Uncertainty

Part 2 - The Problem of Pain

New Era Begins for HOPEww as Robert Carrillo Assumes CEO Role

Seamless Leadership Transition Ushers in New Chapter for Global Aid Organization

South African Campus Ministries seeing hundreds come out to Bible Talks

The South African churches have launched an annual "Encounter" program for disciple students who would like to come and be a part of an African Campus ministry experience. Students must fund themselves to get to South Africa but once there, they will be housed, fed and trained. They will then split up into "mission team" sized groups and spread out onto the South African campuses.

New Church Planting video invitation.

Mission Team Planned for Norman, University of Oklahoma this Summer

     We are excited to announce that this summer, the DFW Church will send my wife, Susan and I to lead the mission team to Norman, home of the prestigious University of Oklahoma. Living in tornado alley, Oklahomans have seen their fair share of powerful storms, but we believe God is bringing a storm over Oklahoma that will not cease until it has accomplished God’s goal. For those of us who choose to go, we are that storm.

HotNews Responds to the ICC

While it has been common place for critical articles about the ICOC to appear previously at the Portland website (when Mckean led that congregation) and now at the City of Angels Church's website where Kip McKean is the minister, it seemed time for us here at ICOC Hot News to respond.

Middle East: Conference Wraps Up and Many Souls Baptized

     Several International Church of Christ congregations reside in seven Middle Eastern countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, and Sudan.  This family of churches recently held a conference in Jordan and saw a stellar attendance. Amidst all the excitement, Moufid Tohme, lead evangelist in Beirut sent ICOC HotNews eleven photos of people who recently made Jesus their Lord.

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