South Africa, Durban: Youth Camp

Imagine Teen camp – 

Durban, South Africa


Imagine a future where teens will hunger for God in their lives

Have a hunger for God’s word and in his spirit thrive

Imagine a future where the youth is making Godly decisions

No longer living for themselves, but for a bigger vision

Imagine a future generation, no longer a disenfranchised youth

But now working together in unity to preach a greater truth

Imagine a future generation winning souls for Christ

Knowing that for their sins God paid the ultimate price

A youth with soft hearts that God can mould like clay

Imagine, the leaders of tomorrow – making an impact today…


We all imagine a world where our youth can have an inspired walk with God, make an impact in the society around them and working together to build a church that will continue to impact the world. With the growth of the teens ministry over the past year, these dreams need not be an imagination for longer. Teens from around South Africa descended on it's very own Durban(City of amazing beach fronts), for a weekend of inspiration and fun.

Forming part of the new plan, put together 18 months ago by Dave and Beth Pocta for the Southern African Youth and Family Ministry, an event is held every quarter for the teens around the country. This quarter offered Durban the opportunity to host the teens and put together a camp to continue the growth of the South African teen ministry (and make use of the warm sub-tropical beaches that Durban has to offer)…

Despite a long journey for many of the teens, they arrived excited and fired up for the weekend ahead. Some new friendships were quickly built and many were further solidified from the various teen events that have been held over the past year.

The weekend started off with a trip to Salt Rock beach for some team building which saw the teens split into 4 groups with the counsellors and competing in activities which tested their physicality, communication and mental powers, but most importantly their team work and ability to work together.  From dribbling a soccer ball around beacons, crawling through the sand and under a net, hopping in sacks, riddle-solving, three legged races and flag building – the team building really allowed everyone to participate and get involved in creating a great team atmosphere. It was great to see that each one of the teams should unique character strengths that stood out and that incredible team work and camaraderie was shown. This was followed up by some much needed ‘beach-time’ for the Joburg teens who didn’t hesitate to experience the amazing surf found in Salt Rock.

This was then followed up with a hearty meal before the night took on a deeper turn with a bonfire devotional on Daniel 3 where the teens were taught that God is there with us when we strive to follow him. That it’s not just about our relationship with God but also how we help each other grow closer to God. Each person then wrote one thing that keeps them from drawing close to God and one thing that keeps them having close relationship with each other. Then everyone threw the paper shaped like the Cross into the bonfire. After the bonfire devotional it was time for some star-gazing and time with God, as they all hit the field and prayed to god under the stars. After the starlight devo, they came back to the bonfire to eat some s’mores and continue with the fellowship.

There was little time to rest with the campers all up early at 5h30 in the morning to get ready for another trip to the beach to have quiet times as the sun rose and got to bond with God and with each other. It was incredible to see the beach filled with young people all praying and spending time with God and drawing closer to one another in the process. The weekend was then capped off with an inspiring church service which was attended by the rest of the Durban church who also made their way to Cane Cutters for the church service. With over 150 in attendance and competing with attentions of the Rugby World Cup game between the Springboks and Wales, the worship inspired and the service included several testimonials by the teen disciples about how God has impacted and changed their lives. 

It was only a short weekend camp, but the impact from the event will hopefully be felt for many months afterwards and seeing the spiritual hunger within the teens is a sign that God is truly moving through the teen ministry in our churches.

Durban Church of Christ:Duncan & Lisa Comrie and leadership group